Regulations to guide California’s implementation of the state’s mandatory benchmarking law are in the final stages of being finalized.  Basically, if you will have to benchmark any building over 50,000 s.f. and report that information to the CEC.  The regulations are a bit more complicated, as they get into lots of detail about many compliance scenarios.  The last round of amendments to the regulations included the following:

  1. Modifying the definition of “active” as it applies to utility accounts (§1681(a)).
  2. Modifying the methods a building owner or owner’s agent may use to demonstrate

building ownership or agency when requesting energy use data from a utility


  1. Clarifying and simplifying the processes by which a building owner, owner’s agent, or

utility may obtain customer permission to share building-level energy use data with a

building owner or owner’s agent (§1682(b)(4)).

  1. Specifying that a utility will not be required to provide whole-building energy use data

more than once in a three-month period (§1682(b)(7)), except for requests made for

compliance with the benchmarking and public disclosure requirements.

  1. Adding requirements for a building owner or owner’s agent to notify a utility of certain

changes when the utility is providing recurring automatic upload of whole-building

energy use data (§1682(b)(8)).

  1. Removing items from, and making modifications to, the list of metrics the Energy

Commission may make available on a public website (§1683(c)(3)).

Our industry has paid very close attention to this issue, has provided comments and feedback to the CEC through every step of the process, and we remain in support of these regulations.  Click here to see all the details.

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