Campaign finance reports filed this week show Gavin Newsom with more cash on hands than all of his rivals – combined!

The sitting Lt. Governor and former Mayor of San Francisco reported raising $4.6 million in the final six months of 2017, and combined with previously raised funds, he has $19.5 million cash on hand.

Here is the list of the current candidates and how much cash they have on hand:


  1. Gavin Newsom (D) – $19,522,301
  2. John Chiang (D) – $8,990,384
  3. Antonio Villaraigosa (D) – $5,838,823
  4. John Cox (R) – $1,953,666
  5. Delaine Eastin (D) – $80,221
  6. Doug Ose (R) – $34,200
  7. Travis Allen (R) – ($207,315)

Remember, this is an open “top-two” primary in which the two candidates that get the most votes will move on to the general election.  Many analysts believe it is quite likely that two Democrats will be in the General election.

In addition to leading in raking in cash, Newsom is also leading in many opinion polls.

Here is the LA Times’ take and Capitol Public Radio’s report.

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