As we reported last week, three bills that would have put the state on track for a split roll property tax, have been stalled in the Legislature (AB 188, AB 561, and AB 39).  However, there is still significant activity in the Legislature with all the Constitutional Amendments;  there is also significant activity with non-legislative groups that are seeking to build political support for a split roll.  Here are just a few examples:

“Educate Our State,” a San Francisco-based “grassroots, parent-led organization,” recently began e-mail donation solicitations for their “Yes4Ed Initiative,” which would create a split roll to raise property taxes on commercial real estate and direct the funds to the education bureaucracy.

“Evolve California,” another group founded by San Francisco Bay Area activists, is actively working to end Proposition 13 and create a split roll property tax. During the California Democratic Convention last month, the organization was successful in getting the party to endorse a split roll which will be used to pressure all future candidates and current elected officials to toe-the-party-line or risk losing support from party activists.  Evolve California also has engaged in grassroots outreach to support Ammiano’s split roll efforts and are organizing local activists to pressure local school boards to endorse.

The Santa Monica City Council recently voted to actively support split-roll efforts. Council members said their support position is written in substantially the same manner as the Democratic Resolution adopted at the California Democratic Convention last month.  For those who love to watch local government “in action,” click here and see item 13B:

“Close the Loophole,” is yet another “grassroots” group from San Francisco.  Former San Francisco Assessor, and current State Assemblymember Phil Ting (D-San Francisco) was quite active with this group last year, but their website hasn’t been updated in quite a while and the group’s current status is unknown.

As you can see we have many forces lining up to support raising your property taxes.


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