One of the nation’s largest and most influential newspapers has taken a look at the CEQA battles going on in California.  As you know, we have been at the center of all these reform attempts for many years.  We continue every year to work on CEQA reform because eventually it’s going to happen and we must be “at the table” on your behalf.  To wit, although many may think the acknowledgement in the NY Times is recognizing the obvious, we see it as hope that rationality may eventually prevail:

“With California still mired in what many consider its worst economic crisis since the Great Depression, the law, once a source of pride to many Californians and environmentalists across the country, has turned into an agonizing test in the struggle to balance environmental concerns against the need for jobs and economic growth…. In San Francisco, the city’s plan to paint bicycle lanes, one of the main goals of environmentalists, was delayed for four years by a lawsuit filed by a local resident who claimed that the lanes could cause pollution.”

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