Our members have let us know how bad AB 1059 is and there are active efforts all across California to communicate to legislators how this bill would upend our entire industry.  We have been asked to share information on how companies can go on record opposing this bill so we are providing the following address and fax number for you to send a short letter:


The Honorable Mark Stone

Chair, Assembly Judiciary Committee

State Capitol

Sacramento, CA 95691

RE: AB 1059 (Gonzalez Fletcher) DUAL AGENCY BAN ***OPPOSE***

Set for Hearing May 2, 2017


Dear Assemblymember Stone:


FAX LETTER TO:  916-319-2188

You do not need to write a long technical legal letter.  To oppose this bill simply write a short note explaining that despite proponents claims, AB 1059 will hurt small and large tenants alike, driving down competition, raising costs and making transactions more difficult.

Under this bill real estate transactions will be more complicated, costly, and adversarial than they are today by banning the ability for one firm – mutually agreeable to both parties — from coordinating purchase and/or lease transactions.  There are already rules in place to mandate disclosure of dual representation, so there is full transparency.

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