The most recent PPIC poll asked Californians about a wide variety of topics.  Collectively we gave Governor Jerry Brown a record-high job approval rating.  His budget proposal also has strong bipartisan support.  Strong majorities favor the governor’s plan to require that state employees start contributing to their retirement health coverage.  Extension of taxes in Prop. 30 are also supported.

However, of particular interest, are the following results regarding Proposition 13… From the press release:

The survey also asked about potential changes to Proposition 13 that are being discussed. One is to create a “split roll” in which commercial property is taxed according to current market value but Proposition 13 limitations remain in place for residential property. A slim majority (54%) favor a split roll tax. Support is at its lowest point since PPIC began asking the question in January 2012 (60%). Proposition 13 also requires a two-thirds majority at the ballot box for new local special taxes. Should the vote threshold be lowered to 55 percent? Californians are divided on the question, with 46 percent in favor and 47 percent opposed. When Californians are asked their general views of Proposition 13, a record-high 61 percent say it has been mostly a good thing for the state.

Click here to read the full release and see the poll.

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