The State Water Resources Control Board has released the formal emergency regulatory package for implementing the state’s required 25% reduction in urban water use.

Click here for the proposed regulations and Click here for all of the background/supporting information.  

Please send any comments you may have to us as soon as possible.  Comments are due on the formal regulation May 4.  The State Board is scheduled to take action on the package May 5 or 6.

In addition to any written comments, we are working directly with some of the top leaders from the water agencies and the Governor’s office to provide input on what commercial real estate has done to conserve water and to help make sure the regulations that are ultimately adopted will be informed by experts in our industry.

We also continue to stress that the main impact on our industry will emanate from your local utilities and water agencies.  We advise that you work closely with your local agencies to assure that local policies are informed by commercial real estate professionals.  Thank you!

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