In one very bright spot for this election, our industry was part of the successful effort to defeat Proposition 10, the rent control measure.  In total over $48M was raised to defeat this measure and almost half of that came from our efforts as leaders of the Prop 10 Flaws effort.

Defeating rent control, you can see what happens when we are able to access capital to properly fund a campaign – this populist measure couldn’t even get to 39% support.

Rex Hime played a key role in organizing our industry’s distinct efforts in this fight, that paralleled the more broad-based No On 10 campaign, but emphasized some issues of specific importance to our members/industry.

We should take a moment to enjoy this victory. But our next task – defeating Split Roll Property Tax, on the ballot in Nov. 2020 – is already upon us. As there is no rest for the weary, we already have a meeting set up with other allied leaders dedicated to defeating split roll, next week.

Defeating this rent control measure by such a large margin shows that we can be successful at the statewide level when we are focused and funded.  However, it is not a given.  November 2020 is a Presidential Election Year and turnout amongst the Democrat base will be much higher.

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