For six decades California cities have used redevelopment agencies to address blight and fund residential projects. Last year, the Legislature and Governor passed laws to shutter the 400 agencies implementing the program.


In the wake of that policy decision several bills will be introduced in the Legislature to clarify issues and create new policy paths to help local governments do some of the activities that redevelopment agencies previously did.


Governor Jerry Brown has vetoed the four main bills on this topic, which include:  SB 1156 (Steinberg; D-Sacramento); AB 2144  (Perez; D-Los Angeles); SB 214 (Wolk; D-Davis); AB 2551 (Hueso; D-San Diego).


However, the gist of the Governor’s message in all four vetoes is that he does not want to distract local agencies from “winding down” redevelopment-related activities by providing new programs for them to focus on.

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