AB 2(Alejo D) Community revitalization authority

Would authorize certain local agencies to form a community revitalization authority (authority) within a community revitalization and investment area, as defined, to carry out provisions of the Community Redevelopment Law in that area for purposes related to, among other things, infrastructure, affordable housing, and economic revitalization.


Position: SUPPORT

AB 313(Atkins D) Enhanced infrastructure financing districts.

Would require, after the adoption of a resolution of intention to establish the proposed district, the legislative body to send a copy of the resolution to the public financing authority. This bill would revise the duties of the public financing authority after the resolution of intention to establish the proposed district has been adopted, so that the public financing authority, instead of the legislative body, will perform the specified duties related to the preparation, proposal, and adoption of the infrastructure financing plan and the adoption of the formation of the district.


Position: SUPPORT

SB 107 (Budget Cmte) Redevelopment agencies and community development agencies.

As of February 1, 2012, and provides for the designation of successor agencies to wind down the affairs of the dissolved redevelopment agencies and to, among other things, make payments due for enforceable obligations and to perform obligations required pursuant to any enforceable obligation. This bill would provide that any action by the Department of Finance, that occurred on or after June 28, 2011, carrying out the department’s obligations under the provisions described above constitutes a department action for the preparation, development, or administration of the state budget and is exempt from the Administrative Procedures Act.


Position: MONITOR

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“Governor Signs Local Infrastructure Financing Bill”

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