Yesterday the Department of Water resources and the federal government released a draft of the first four chapters of the Bay Delta Conservation Plan. The Plan was begun under the Schwarzenegger administration and continues with the strong support of the Brown administration.

The Plan proposes to build two 35-mile long tunnels under the Delta to move water supplies to the Bay Area, Central Valley and Southern California, and restore more than 100,000 acres of habitat.  The plan carries a price tag of $23 billion, with the tunnels funded by water users and the habitat funded by public sources.  If successful, the Plan would effectively secure much of the State’s water future for the next 50 years and significantly improve the Delta environment.  The announcement was made by representatives of the administration including Secretary of Food and Agriculture Karen Ross, Director of the Department of Water Resources Mark Cowin, and Fish and Wildlife Director Chuck Bonham.

More information, including the summary documents released at yesterday’s press conference, are available by clicking here.

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