Another bill we are very closely following, as it would set a precedent for Legislators in Sacramento to be able to undo local election in which it doesn’t like the outcome has also passed Appropriation.  SB 1387 (de Leon; D-Los Angeles) a bill in which our industry, along with a broad array of other business and local government entities vociferously oppose.  SB 1387 would substantially and adversely modify the use of market-based incentive programs, and; SB 1387 would add state-level appointed positions to the South Coast Air Quality Management District Board (SCAQMD), effectively shifting local control over critical regional air quality planning to state law-makers in Sacramento.  The justification for this action is under the guise of “Environmental Justice” and making the board more representatives; however, this drastic change in law was proposed as a reaction to changes on the board under the current rules that the author does not agree with.

The bill has not yet been taken up and we, on a daily basis, are talking to legislators to make the case that this bill does not merit support.  Three days left, we hope to be able to stop this measure!

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