We oppose SB 1387 (de Leon; D-Los Angeles) because the bill would substantially and adversely modify the use of market-based incentive programs and would add state-level appointed positions to the South Coast Air Quality Management District Board (SCAQMD) effectively shifting local control over critical regional air quality planning to state lawmakers in Sacramento.

This bill was introduced in reaction to a recent personnel decision the board has made.

California has led the nation in employing state-of-the-art market-based incentive programs, which have succeeded in reducing emissions from hundreds of covered facilities dramatically and reliably for two decades.  SCAQMD and the ARB succeeded in obtaining US EPA approval of the SCAQMD RECLAIM program as part of the California State Implementation Plan under the Clean Air Act.  As amended, SB 1387 would now limit the use of market-based incentive programs like SCAQMD’s RECLAIM to cost-effectively achieve emission reduction in Southern California.

Additionally, the bill seeks to change the SCAQMD Governing Board which currently consists of 13 members: 10 representing cities and counties in the south coast region and 3 appointed by state officials (Governor, Senate Rules and Assembly Speaker).  This bill would double the number of state appointments from 3 to 6.  By that step alone, SB 1387 would heavily weight the SCAQMD Governing Board with state appointees and dilute local control by those responsible to the communities they were elected to represent.

We think these are overcorrections that should not be supported and are working with a coalition of groups to oppose the bill.

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