The San Diego Union Tribune has weighed in on Proposition 53, opposing it and calling a poorly written “cumbersome mess.”  We agree with their assessment!  Our industry has taken a strong stance against this measure, aligning with the Governor, local government, and labor unions.

According to the paper, this “ballot measure is a mess. It is so poorly written that it doesn’t even define “project,” according to a Legislative Analyst’s Office analysis. A local government that wanted to build a major infrastructure project might have to put its plan before all state voters if it got even limited state assistance.

“And Proposition 53 doesn’t exempt emergency repairs following earthquakes or disasters.

Read the entire editorial here. More than 230 groups, including the commercial real estate industry, have joined the bipartisan statewide coalition representing local government, public safety, water, business, labor, agriculture, educators and more opposing Prop 53.

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