Senator Steve Glazer (D-Orinda) spoke with the CCRES Delegates in a frank manner about his experience in the Legislature and his struggle to assure that he represents his constituents and doesn’t fall into the partisan pitfalls of Sacramento.

He illustrated the notion that legislators must “fall in line” with partisan interests by sharing an anecdote that although he supported a certain public employee union over 85% of the time, that union gave him a score of “F” and spent a significant amount of money and ran a candidate against him.

According to his bio, “Senator Glazer has become a forceful advocate for smart, efficient and compassionate government. Considered one of the rare independent voices in the Legislature, Senator Glazer votes the issue, not the party. He has defied easy labels, working with a wide spectrum of groups with varying needs and issues. Senator Glazer supported common sense legislation that upholds his 10 Governing Principles, whether reaching across the aisle or voting with his own party.”  After working with the Senator, we agree with his own assessment.

His bio further states, “Senator Glazer has made accountability and transparency a hallmark of his stay in the Legislature. He returns home every day from Sacramento, taking per diems only on the rare days he stays overnight in Sacramento, and does not accept gifts.”

Senator Glazer’s Ten Governing Principles very much impressed the CCRES participants, so we want to share them with you:

  1. Represent the people of our Senate district, not political parties or special interests;
  2. Maintain a balanced budget to allow government to help people, and people to have confidence in government;
  3. Pursue bipartisan decisions. They are always better and longer lasting;
  4. Emphasize education as the gateway to opportunity and prosperity;
  5. Work hard to set priorities and hold the line on taxes;
  6. Incorporate environmental protection as part of every decision;
  7. Empower local decision-making rather than state mandates. It is more responsive and trustworthy;
  8. Advance accountability and efficiency with every government program;
  9. Promote civility and respect for all people and perspectives;
  10. Conduct myself always with honesty and integrity.

Bravo Senator, bravo.

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