A bill our industry heartily backs, passed its first hurdle this week, moving through the Assembly Accountability and Administrative Review on a unanimous, bipartisan vote.  AB 2723 (Medina; D-Riverside) seeks to modify the state rulemaking process to require that state agencies consider the effect of major regulations on sole proprietorships and other small businesses, when assessing the economic impact of a proposed major regulation on new business formation or elimination of existing businesses.

Small businesses are the job creation engine of the California economy and they may be disproportionately impacted by regulations.  AB 2723 takes an important step to better understand those impacts and encourage development of a more favorable regulatory climate.

Many of our members feel the “sting” of a “thousand regulatory cuts” as they try to run their businesses in California.  Although this bill will not solve all of our problems, we do hope it will help advance the cause of regulatory reform forward.


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