SB 71 (Weiner; D-San Francisco) is a “spot bill” that states the intent of the Legislature to enact legislation that would require the installation of solar photovoltaic systems or solar water heating systems in solar zones provided for pursuant to Title 24 of the California Code of Regulations.  According to the author’s office, they are looking into expanding San Francisco’s recently passed solar and green roofs mandate statewide.

Under current law, the Title 24 solar-ready requirement requires a minimum area that is unshaded and free of obstructions.  It can be on the roof or overhang of the building, on the roof or overhang of another structure within 250 feet of the primary building, or it can be on covered parking installed with the building project.  The Standards allow for two methods of calculating the required area.  Method 1 is just 15% of the roof area.  Method 2 is more complicated and allows for a reduced minimum area based on a “potential solar zone” that factors in limited access due to shading.

Our current understanding is that the bill would require that new buildings take the next step and actually install PV.

The solar-ready requirement applies to newly constructed hotel/motel occupancies with 10 stories or fewer, high-rise multifamily buildings with 10 stories or fewer, and all other nonresidential buildings with three stories or fewer.  It is also mandatory for additions where the total roof area is increased by at least 2,000 square feet.

Click here to see a press release from Senator Weiner.


We will keep you posted as the bill evolves.

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