Following the stinging rebuke of the idea of dismantling Proposition 13 and implementing a split roll property tax by Governor Jerry Brown and failure of its sponsored bill in the Legislature (SCA 5), leaders of the “Make It Fair” campaign have abandoned efforts to push a ballot measure in 2016.

Funded by a public unions, community organizing groups, and other far-left organizations, in order to push a $9 Billion tax increase on California properties, California Calls announced that it has decided not to pursue and initiative in the coming year.

As part of the announcement, California Calls stated they will continue to push a split roll in hopes of dismantling Prop. 13 at a later date.  (We will) continue to expand the coalition, conduct grassroots public education, and build voter support in low-income communities of color throughout the state to score the electoral victory we know is possible.  We will continue to advance Senator Hancock and Mitchell’s SCA-5 reform proposal through the State Legislature, and work to raise the money to withstand fierce industry opposition who will spend $50 to $100 million against us.

They are correct in on aspect, the idea of gutting Prop. 13 does engender fierce opposition – and not just with industry groups, but homeowners who understand that a split roll is just a step in going after residential protections.

Californians to Stop Higher Property  Taxes has been a major factor in pushing back against some of the misconceptions and distortions about property taxes that has found its way into the public conversation.  We are primary members of CSHPT  and will continue to be vigilant on this issue.  But for now, we are happy to report that the immediate threat of split roll has been delayed – for now.

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