A recent survey of Californians claims that 64 percent of Democrats, 58 percent of independents and 51 percent of Republicans all supported splitting the property tax roll. Those results are similar to what pollsters found when they asked the same question in January 2012 and have been creeping up over the past couple of years.

These numbers do not match other polls out there and can be explained through how the question was phrased, or by whom made up the sample.

But what if these numbers are trending towards support for a split roll?  What have you done to help staunch that trend?  Have you talked to tenants, policymakers, friends, neighbors about how raising property taxes on your buildings will have a negative impact on your business?  Have you contributed to groups that are pushing back against the misinformation that is out there?  If not, then when?  These numbers should be alarming.

As we have been reporting and as this article confirms, advocates think over the next year or so is there opportunity to change Proposition 13.  Now is the time for you to get more engaged and make sure your colleagues understand the stakes.

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