Another new “grassroots” group has popped up to lead the split roll property tax public effort.  Grassroots is in quotes, because even though they are branding themselves as “We Are California” it is still the same old advocates that have been agitating for years to raise your property taxes – a who’s who of public employee unions and far left advocacy groups.

The new tact is to tie the Proposition 13’s protections from your property taxes going through the roof as some sort of evil plot hatched by President Trump 40 years ago that is now just coming to fruition.  Here is the lead line in a recent email blast:

“Donald Trump is planning to give big tax cuts to wealthy corporations and his billionaire friends. What’s worse is that he plans to pay for them with massive budget cuts to essential services — taking away healthcare, education, environmental protections, job training and even Meals on Wheels from millions of Americans. In California, thanks to a 40 year old loophole, these same wealthy corporations pocket $9 billion a year in property tax breaks, cheating our communities out of billions in investments.” –Courage Campaign/Make It Fair/Close the Loophole/We Are California email, May 31, 2017.

Nevermind that property taxes don’t fund any of this stuff, this is no time for facts.

This is a very organized effort to hector the State Legislature into destroying your protections under Proposition 13.  As we have reported earlier, Assemblymember Holly Mitchell (D-Los Angeles) and Senator Nancy Skinner (D-Berkeley) announced last month that they would be introducing a split roll bill, but we have yet to see the measure.

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