Here is the part of the budget plan that deals with infrastructure:

Since 1999, the California Infrastructure Planning Act has required the Governor to submit to the Legislature a five-year infrastructure plan for consideration with the annual budget bill . The 2015 Five-Year Infrastructure Plan (Plan) presents the Governor’s proposal for investing $57 billion in state infrastructure over the next five years.

Consistent with most states in the nation, the fiscal challenges created by the Great Recession resulted in California deferring many important infrastructure and maintenance investments. The 2014 Plan was the first infrastructure plan released since 2008. The 2014 Plan addressed the shortcomings of the prior plans by including a funding source for projects proposed in the Plan, discussing the importance of maintaining the State’s infrastructure, and proposing additional funding towards deferred maintenance.

The 2015 Plan continues the emphasis on deferred maintenance and improves the Plan by including project specific information, such as project status and project phase information .

Click here to read the full 2015 State Infrastructure Plan.

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