Governor Brown yesterday delivered his sixteenth – and final – State of the State Speech setting a record for longevity that no other Governor has ever seen.

From the Governor’s press release: “In his remarks, the Governor pointed to a number of far-reaching, bipartisan measures passed in recent years – from pension and workers’ compensation reform to the Water Bond, Rainy Day Fund and the Cap-and-Trade Program – that demonstrate some American governments can actually get things done.”

And from the Governor’s speech:

…California is prospering. While it faces its share of difficulties, we should never forget the bounty and endless opportunities bestowed on this special place — or the distance we have all traveled together these last few years.

“It is now hard to visualize — or even remember — the hardships, the bankruptcies and the home foreclosures so many experienced during the Great Recession. Unemployment was above 12 percent and 1.3 million Californians lost their jobs.

The deficit was $27 billion in 2011. The New York Times called us: “The Coast of Dystopia.” The Wall Street Journal saw: “The Great California Exodus.” The Economist of London pronounced us: “The Ungovernable State.” And the Business Insider simply said: “California is Doomed.”

Even today, you will find critics who claim that the California dream is dead. But I am used to that. Back in my first term, a prestigious report told us that California had the worst business climate in America. In point of fact, personal income in 1975, my first year as governor, was $154 billion. Today it has grown to $2.4 trillion. In just the last eight years alone, California’s personal income has grown $845 billion and 2.8 million new jobs have been created. Very few places in the world can match that record.

Click here to read Governor Edmund G. Brown Jr.’s sixteenth and final State-of-the-State Address.

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