Our friends at the Retail Industry Leaders Association have shared the following report we think merits close attention.

Their press release, reads, in part:  RILA wants to share with you a recently released study focused on renewable energy usage across the country (linked below). RILA partnered with the Information Technology Industry Council (ITI), the Energy Foundation, and Clean Edge to produce the report which ranks states based on the ease in which America’s most recognizable brands can procure domestic renewable energy for their operations.

“The report makes the business and jobs case to state policymakers and encourages them to work to create an energy market and policy landscape open to renewable energy producers that are located in communities across their states. It urges states to lower taxes that target domestic clean energy producers. The report also recommends that businesses be allowed to have onsite production such as solar panels on their roofs or cutting-edge battery energy storage technologies to help ease power grid demands during peak times. To back up its findings, the report includes specific case studies as examples where states succeeded and examples where barriers remain.”

Click here for the Press Release and click here for the full report.

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