The California State Legislature met the Second House Policy Committee deadline, voted on hundreds of bills in a flurry of activity, and then…  adjourned for their monthlong Summer Recess.  And a sigh of relief could be heard throughout the land.

With Summer Recess, now is a good time to review the 2017 Legislative Session so far.  Since January, 2,904 legislative bills have been introduced, 968 from the Senate and 1,936 from the Assembly.  We read every one of them – and all of their amended versions.  Of those bills we have tracked a total of 416.  Of those, 217 are still “alive” in the process.  That is a lot of potential law still out there and needing input from our industry!

The bills we track are deemed to have some impact on the commercial, industrial, and retail real estate industry and before we oppose bills, we try to work with authors to fix language in order to remove concerns.

It’s a full-time legislature and tracking what they do takes a lot of time energy and effort. So we are grateful for this Summer Recess as a little break in the action allows us to catch up and get prepared for the Dog Days of August and September when the final sprint begins!

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