Our industry is part of a coalition that strongly supports AB 600 (Cooper; D-Elk Grove) and SB 600 (Galgiani; D-Stockton) two bills that encourage manufacturing investment in California by extending the existing partial Sales and Use Tax Exemption (STE) creating a more powerful incentive for manufacturing and R&D investments in California.

These bills build upon the 2013 Governor’s Economic Development Initiative (GEDI) to encourage manufacturing investment and job creation in California. Extending the STE provides greater certainty that California is committed to manufacturing industry growth and promotes higher levels of investment.

California manufacturing is critical to the overall economy because manufacturers create high-paying jobs that help mitigate the growing income inequality that exists in California and helps rebuild the middle-class. In 2016, the average manufacturing wage was $86,000 annually, well in excess of the state overall average wage of $62,000. As California attracts more manufacturing jobs to the state, the middle-class grows, communities are strengthened and state tax revenue grows from all sources.

Both bills face a big test in committee next week and we will be there to support them!

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