(NOTE:  Last week we provided an incorrect link in this story, so we are re-running to correct)

We have come out in strong support of AB 2109 (Daly; D-Anaheim) which would increase transparency and oversight of locally imposed parcel taxes. Our friends at CalTax note that during the past several decades, parcel taxes have become an increasingly popular option for local entities looking to raise revenue for various programs. Yet no statewide data exists pertaining to these taxes, nor is there state guidance or oversight of local agencies that impose and administer them. This has produced a disjointed parcel tax system that is plagued with inconsistencies.

AB 2109 requires the State Board of Equalization to annually submit to the governor a report on locally-imposed parcel taxes. This report will provide valuable information for state and local lawmakers in determining how many past parcel taxes have been levied, how much revenue has been generated by those taxes, and what programs have benefited from the revenue.

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