The newly minted $75 tax tacked onto recording fees is causing confusion and implementation issues – just as we and many other groups concerned with the bill noted during the legislative process.  Unfortunately, those concerns went unheeded and unaddressed, now many Californians are caught in the middle.  Our friends at Howard Jarvis have detailed some of the issues in a newly published column:

“For example, SB2’s language makes it difficult for California’s 58 County Recorders to determine if they should charge the additional $75 for tax liens and lien releases presented by government agencies.”

“These tax liens can originate from small local business activities like selling Avon, from failure to pay your annual income taxes, from a missed tax payment on your jet ski, for child-support collection and more. You don’t even need to own a house to have one of these liens recorded against you, and worse yet, you may not even know that the lien exists until it shows up on your credit report.”

A few bills have been introduced to try to address some of the issues, but it remains to be seen what if anything will happen.

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