At its May 14 Business Meeting, the Energy Commission approved Integrated Environmental Solutions’ (IES) Virtual Environment 2013 software. Also referred to as VE 2013 Feature Pack for Title 24, it is the first commercial software to be approved for demonstrating performance compliance with the nonresidential provisions of the 2013 Building Energy Efficiency Standards. Click here to visit the IES website for more information.

 The Energy Commission also approved an updated version of CBECC-COM at its April 22, 2014 Business Meeting. CBECC-COM v2 improvements include a 2D simplified geometric input method, and for additions and alterations to existing buildings – also known as Existing+Additions+Alterations projects (E+A+A).  CBECC-Com is a public domain software program developed by the Energy Commission to determine compliance with the 2013 Building Energy Efficiency Standards.  CBECC-Com uses EnergyPlus v8.0 to perform simulations and Sketchup (v8.0/Pro) with OpenStudio-SketchUp Plugin for geometry input.

 Click here for Up-to-date information for downloading and using all Energy Commission-approved standards compliance software.

 For compliance assistance with the 2013 Building Energy Efficiency Standards, contact the Energy Standards Hotline toll-free in California at 800-772-3300 and outside California at 916-654-5106, or click here to email.

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