That bill that was stranded and died late at night?  It was AB 2416 (Stone) the bill that would allow a lien be placed on your property for wage dispute that you have nothing to do with.

As we noted last week, like in a bad zombie movie, that bill was killed on Thursday, only to come back to life on Friday, and then menacingly stumbled around until Saturday morning.

The bill was originally rejected by the senate on vote of 13 aye votes and to 15 no votes, which was a solid rejection of this bad bill. However, we can’t take anything for granted in the Capitol and fought hard against it – and many of you helped with phone calls and emails.  That put us over the top and allowed us to keep the bill bottled up in the Senate.

Here is that final floor vote tally.  We hope that you will note who helped us out and who voted against us.  A “No Vote Recorded,” is as good as a no vote for these purposes!  Please thank your legislator if they voted “no” or did not vote.

Click here for AB 2416 final vote tally.

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