Like a bad zombie movie, sometimes bills that you think are dead can come back to life.  Unfortunately that is the case today with AB 2416 (Stone).  And you should be scared!  This is the bill that would allow a lien be placed on your property for wage dispute that you have nothing to do with.

Yesterday the California State Legislature rejected AB 2416 on a vote of 13 aye votes and to 15 no votes.  This was a solid rejection of this bad bill.

However, we learned today – the final day of a two year session – in an attempt to circumvent standard legislative rules and push the bill through, the sponsors and author are trying to amend the bill for a third time in two weeks, and convince legislators that bill has been “fixed.”

However, as of press time the language we have seen DOES NOT address our fundamental issue with the bill – the ability to place pre-judgment liens on property owners.

Your team in Sacramento is here fighting the bill and we have sent out information to your local associations and chapters about who we need to contact.  Stay tuned and please help if you can!

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