Here is a quick update on some of the bills we have been working.  Click links for the actual language, and reply to this email if you want more detail:

AB 2565 (Muratsuchi; D- Torrance) – Electric Vehicle Charging Station Tenant Installation.  This bill has been signed by the Governor we support this measure.

AB 2372 (Ammiano; D – San Francisco) – Change of Ownership Bill.  This bill is dead.  We cautiously supported its passage.

AB 2045 (Rendon; D – South Gate) – Energy Efficiency Financing.  This bill is dead for lack of a funding source.

AB 2282 (Gatto; D – Burbank) – Building Standards; Recycled Water (Gray Water).  This bill went to the Governor and we support its signature.

AB 2416 (Stone; D – Santa Cruz) – Property Liens / Wage Disputes.  This bill is dead and we opposed it.

SB 1021 (Wolk; D – Vacaville) – Split Roll Parcel Tax. This bill is dead and we opposed it.

SB 1451 (Hill/Roth; D- San Mateo/Riverside) – CEQA Late Hits.  This bill is dead – Support — AB 5 (Gatto) Sacred Sites

AB 52 (Gatto; D – Burbank) – CEQA Tribal Cultural Resources.  This bill was signed by the  Governor.  We were opposed until negotiated amendments were accepted and are now neutral.

SB 1171 (Heuso; D- Chula Vista) – Dual Agency Disclosure.  This bill was signed by the Governor and we were neutral.  However, we want to make sure all our companies know about the new mandated broker disclosure.

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