Congratulations to all of our members in Los Angeles County that have worked hard over the past few months combating a $290 million a year parcel tax aimed at raising more revenue for the county to deal with storm water runoff issues.  The issue was initially pushed by environmental groups and was supported by several unions.

The business community has argued that the tax was unfair because we already address the issue of storm water runoff voluntary and it mandated on-site and off-site mitigations, and currently existing – and substantial – fees.  In many cases the fee would amount to double taxation on many properties that have already paid into the system in order to receive permits.

Again, congratulations to everyone that worked on this issue in order to educate policymakers about what is already being done to address storm water in this state and the disastrous results hitting properties with such a huge tax would cost the local economy.  Click here for a story about this great outcome.

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