Our industry supports SB 564 (D-Healdsberg) a bill that allows local agencies to issue bonds to fund the purchase and distribution of drought tolerant landscapes, upgrades to hot water systems, gray water systems, high efficiency toilets, and high efficiency showerheads at private property within their jurisdictions.

SB 564 authorizes property owners and tenants to then repay the fixture upgrades over time through utility bills.  The ability to repay bonds with customer efficiency charges enables those who receive the benefit of reduced bills to pay for efficiency and create benefits to the water system at scale.

The Water Bill Savings Act is a voluntary program and will create another tool for local governments and property owners to respond to drought that is regionally efficient, financially sustainable, and available to all municipal utilities, large and small.

SB 564 will help people save money on water while reducing wasted water and provide a voluntary tool to meet state conservation mandate.

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